samsung glyde = worst phone ever

i’ve neglected reviewing my most recent phone, the samsung u-940 (glyde) for verizon, because i really wanted to like it. the slide-out qwerty is great. the form factor is great. the size is great. unfortunately, the functionality is shite. it is by far the worst electronic device i have ever owned. my nose hair trimmer performs better on a regular basis.

phone #1, the touchscreen decided that no matter where i touched, front or back, right or left corner, i was touching the bottom of the screen [vertical]. and sometimes, all i had to do was look at it and the bottom menu bar and back button would be pressed back and forth for as long as i could bear to look at it.

phone #2, took it out of the box and experienced flickering and ghosting on the screen. how sweet is that?!?! a Factory Refurbished Unit that barely works. quality control at its best, VZW. better yet – the VZW store had no other FRU units – so i’m stuck with broken phone #1 (which i will be charged for if i don’t send it back in time) or broken phone #2, until FRU #3 arrives in 5 days. Wow, Sweet, Glad i decided to re-up my contract for this piece.

i had really high hopes for this phone as it should have been every bit as good as the f700. unfortunately, VZW has to slap their own UI on every GD phone they put out which not only makes them all slower, but also annoys every power user that ever existed (don’t care if we’re only .01%). it’s enough to make me want to pull my hair out every time i try to pick up a new device. here’s to hoping i can get a decent working phone when the next FRU shows up broken – the crackberry curve is about the only decent set they have right now…

so, if anyone ever asks you to use a glyde, politely tell them no, and then punch them in the face for insulting you. seriously…

</end rant>


16 responses to “samsung glyde = worst phone ever

  1. Ahahahaha! I really hope T-Mobile (or anyone really) decides to ship Android as is, without their own lame-@$$ UI on top of it.

    The US mobile market really suxors.

  2. dude, the same thing happened to me
    god i hate this fucking phone.
    it’s broken now, after tormenting me for the month and a half that i had it
    too bad i can’t get a replacement
    god damn you fucking VZW and Samsung.

  3. worst phone ever. screen fucks up all the time. Same problem you have. i got this phone replaced twice. all 3 phones were brand new too. don’t ever buy the samsung glyde.

  4. This the worst phone i had it for 5months now n it started doing weird things the 2month i had it. Its a absolute waste of money it erased all mi contacts n pic and now turns off by its self! n every time i push a button on the screen it says im pushing another button! i am getting a new phone tomorrow no more touch tone phones!

  5. This phone is a complete piece of shit, no functionality whatsoever. When using the touch screen, the Glyde activates the bottom bar at all times. I can’t even text anymore without having to turn the phone on and off at least three times!

  6. This is the worst phone I have ever owned!! I want to throw it against the wall seriously! The touch screen never works or it thinks Im touching something else. Sometimes I dont even have to be touching the thing. I have to turn it off/on at least 60 times a day to make things work. And most of the time I cant tell if I have a text messege or not because the icon just stays on all the time. And verizon is no help. They keep replacing it with the same stupid phone. Dont buy this phone.

  7. i love the samsumg glyde

  8. you people dont know how the samsung glyde is cool.(it is the best phone ever made in the whole galaxy)

  9. people might tink itz suckz or itz the worst fone ever made .but for me itz the fone of my dreams and i want the glyde so badly .i’ll do anything thing for it it.(does not mean killing myslef)

  10. I DID throw mine up against the wall. I got tired of it calling people when I wasn’t near it. I got tired of it deciding to not send text messages whenever I typed out 100+ characters. I got tired of being tired of it. So I slammed the biatch. Now it’s got a white screen. I’m gonna go get a third phone. I’d switch, but Verizon won’t let me. It better be free.

  11. i threw mine at the wall today for the same reasons. unfortunatley.. it survived

  12. Yes, same problem with me. It will randomly tap the bottom menu bar when i try to tap anything else on the touch screen. it will randomly do this. and now i have to wait a whole month for a new phone…… peice of shit

  13. so glad to see others are frustrated as well……this phone is such a piece of ****. I hate it, and it really ruins my day every day……..

  14. dude atleast u guys r lucky ny glyde is super man it DOESNT BREAK the first month i had it the touch screen messed up and i have a 2 yea contract with it so im stuk wit it for a long time

    [ps were can u buy kryptonite]

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