time warner navigator is absolutely terrible

So here I go again. Maybe I’ll rename to “teh rant blog” or something similar. This was going to be a full post, but I’m bored/impatient. I’ll start by saying that Passport wasn’t great. It wasn’t lousy, but I think there are better solutions out there. I had that software for several years on my 8300/8300HD and was relatively happy with it.This new Navigator software, however, is one of the worst pieces of software I have ever seen/used (worse than Windows ME). Here are just a few of the “features” that Time Warner has provided with their “upgraded” software package:

  • while watching a recorded show, the live channel is not recorded – at all – wtf?
  • on series recordings, you can only choose 3, 5, or 7 episodes to keep. what if I only want to keep 1?
  • no play option on shows which are currently recording – why can’t I start the show I want to watch late?
  • every time power is lost to the box it requires a reinitialization and software check which takes about fifteen minutes at best
  • no longer able to “record” the two shows I am switching between. my 8300HD had this with the Navigator upgrade and I was very happy with it. Why doesn’t my 8240HDC have it?
  • why only 3 fast-forward speeds? I used to love the 4th ffwd for getting through shows or getting back to a point I wanted to see
  • the playback freezes consistently – especially when watching and recording at the same time.
  • slow, slow and did I mention slow? it can take 5 seconds just to load the menu/list view.
  • searching for shows is terrible. passport did it so much better

this is just the beginning of my complaints. I’ll add as I notice more. hopefully TWC-NEO is at least listening – although I doubt anyone there cares. chime in with your annoyances if you like.

</end rant….for now>


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