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referencing a dropdownlist in javascript from a codebehind

hopefully i actually remember this in the future, but i’m sure i won’t. there’s a trick to referencing the actual dropdownlist in .net – the select input, that is. if you don’t just want the container, but want to get to the ddl itself, using javascript specifically, you’ll have to pass the DropDownList.DropDownListUniqueID. If you are building your JS in the code[behind/beside], you can use the following for finding and comparing the ddl value.

to pass the id into a JS function, try something like this:


scriptText.Append(“<function>(categoryDropdownID)” & vbCrLf)
scriptText.Append(“var categoryDropdown = document.getElementById(categoryDropdownID);” & vbCrLf)

and, to check if the dropdownlist has a selected value in JS, use something like this:

scriptText.Append(String.Concat(“if(categoryDropdown[categoryDropdown.selectedIndex].value == <value>)”, vbCrLf))

i don’t have the exact source i’m quoting in front of me, but essentially you’re – passing the DropDownListUniqueID into the JS function to be able to reference the object directly in page code. you are then adding the ID to a variable. then you can compare the control to see if it has a selected value. elegant – probably not. will i use it again – probably.

maybe you can use this, i’m sure i will need this later.

a very super mario halloween

i’m a geek, nerd, dork, and so on. now that we have that settled…

it all started with my buddy mike telling me that he and vidi were going out for halloween as Mario and Luigi. i said, cool, i’ll be Wario. they said, no, that’s dumb. i argued that it was cool and i almost look like him anyway. even offered to grow a real mustache. still, i’m told it wouldn’t be cool.

so, they say, go as the question block. and i’m all, huh?! how the H do you go as the question block? they say, erm, not so sure, but it would be awesome. i decline, for a few weeks. they attempt to talk me into it. finally, a week before, i am peer pressured into it. i will be the question block.power-ups

again, how the H does one dress as a question block. first step must be creating the power-ups a question block would dispense. this was not an easy task. finding good pictures of the items was a pain. thanks to google image search, i was able to come up with most of what i needed, and inspiration for the rest. a couple sheets of foam-board, lots of printer ink, glue sticks and hand-cutting later, i had a nice assortment of power-ups to be earned from the question block.

next up, the block itself. how does one make a question block? it’s just a box right? i suppose, but it needs to be goldish and have question marks. mike recommends construction paper. i one up that with posterboard. so i pick up a large home depot moving box, spray adhevsive, orange posterboard and get to work.

i cut the box to be an actual square as the box from the store was too tall to be useful. turns out, cutting the one end and leaving the flaps at the bottom was a stroke of genius – a shelf to hold that which needed to be held for the evening. word.question block

next, glue on the posterboard and create some shadow effect with darker colored posterboard. and we’re getting there. this might actually come together. next, i need some question marks. they can’t just be drawn on, that would be stupid. more foam board to the rescue. four 3-d question marks later, i have a decent little costume coming together. and while i’m at it, might as well make the bolts? in the corners 3-d as well. hey, this might just work. i could actually be having fun making this thing.

and then, how do you wear a box? it’s not the most logical costume or the easiest to maneuver, but one will need a way to carry the box around all night without dropping it. and so laura recommends suspenders. nice! but where does one buy suspenders? sears has me covered with some heavy duty craftsman jobbers and i am set. i can now wear the question block and have made something quite original if i do say to myself.

so we handed out candy to the kiddies in lyndhurst and a few even knew what i was. more parents were aware than 5-year-olds, but i expected that. as we handed out the candy – and beer to the parents – we figured it would be much better if the question block actually had a power-up floating above it at all times. again – how does one accomplish this?

a friendly neighbor recommends a hanger – brilliant! one mangled dry cleaner hanger later and we have a floating power-up above the question block for the rest of the night.mario, luigi, and the question block not the most comfortable or reasonable costume for bar-hopping, but it did get plenty of attention/compliments. all in all, it was a fun costume to make and a great conversation piece for the evening. there are more photos on facebook and flickr, if you are so inclined to see more of my work. it was fun and somewhat memorable. the costume even survived the evening for the most part, which surprised me greatly.

that is all…

time warner navigator is absolutely terrible

So here I go again. Maybe I’ll rename to “teh rant blog” or something similar. This was going to be a full post, but I’m bored/impatient. I’ll start by saying that Passport wasn’t great. It wasn’t lousy, but I think there are better solutions out there. I had that software for several years on my 8300/8300HD and was relatively happy with it.This new Navigator software, however, is one of the worst pieces of software I have ever seen/used (worse than Windows ME). Here are just a few of the “features” that Time Warner has provided with their “upgraded” software package:

  • while watching a recorded show, the live channel is not recorded – at all – wtf?
  • on series recordings, you can only choose 3, 5, or 7 episodes to keep. what if I only want to keep 1?
  • no play option on shows which are currently recording – why can’t I start the show I want to watch late?
  • every time power is lost to the box it requires a reinitialization and software check which takes about fifteen minutes at best
  • no longer able to “record” the two shows I am switching between. my 8300HD had this with the Navigator upgrade and I was very happy with it. Why doesn’t my 8240HDC have it?
  • why only 3 fast-forward speeds? I used to love the 4th ffwd for getting through shows or getting back to a point I wanted to see
  • the playback freezes consistently – especially when watching and recording at the same time.
  • slow, slow and did I mention slow? it can take 5 seconds just to load the menu/list view.
  • searching for shows is terrible. passport did it so much better

this is just the beginning of my complaints. I’ll add as I notice more. hopefully TWC-NEO is at least listening – although I doubt anyone there cares. chime in with your annoyances if you like.

</end rant….for now>

samsung glyde = worst phone ever

i’ve neglected reviewing my most recent phone, the samsung u-940 (glyde) for verizon, because i really wanted to like it. the slide-out qwerty is great. the form factor is great. the size is great. unfortunately, the functionality is shite. it is by far the worst electronic device i have ever owned. my nose hair trimmer performs better on a regular basis.

phone #1, the touchscreen decided that no matter where i touched, front or back, right or left corner, i was touching the bottom of the screen [vertical]. and sometimes, all i had to do was look at it and the bottom menu bar and back button would be pressed back and forth for as long as i could bear to look at it.

phone #2, took it out of the box and experienced flickering and ghosting on the screen. how sweet is that?!?! a Factory Refurbished Unit that barely works. quality control at its best, VZW. better yet – the VZW store had no other FRU units – so i’m stuck with broken phone #1 (which i will be charged for if i don’t send it back in time) or broken phone #2, until FRU #3 arrives in 5 days. Wow, Sweet, Glad i decided to re-up my contract for this piece.

i had really high hopes for this phone as it should have been every bit as good as the f700. unfortunately, VZW has to slap their own UI on every GD phone they put out which not only makes them all slower, but also annoys every power user that ever existed (don’t care if we’re only .01%). it’s enough to make me want to pull my hair out every time i try to pick up a new device. here’s to hoping i can get a decent working phone when the next FRU shows up broken – the crackberry curve is about the only decent set they have right now…

so, if anyone ever asks you to use a glyde, politely tell them no, and then punch them in the face for insulting you. seriously…

</end rant>

RR turbo ftw!

it’s nice. i like.

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