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samsung glyde = worst phone ever

i’ve neglected reviewing my most recent phone, the samsung u-940 (glyde) for verizon, because i really wanted to like it. the slide-out qwerty is great. the form factor is great. the size is great. unfortunately, the functionality is shite. it is by far the worst electronic device i have ever owned. my nose hair trimmer performs better on a regular basis.

phone #1, the touchscreen decided that no matter where i touched, front or back, right or left corner, i was touching the bottom of the screen [vertical]. and sometimes, all i had to do was look at it and the bottom menu bar and back button would be pressed back and forth for as long as i could bear to look at it.

phone #2, took it out of the box and experienced flickering and ghosting on the screen. how sweet is that?!?! a Factory Refurbished Unit that barely works. quality control at its best, VZW. better yet – the VZW store had no other FRU units – so i’m stuck with broken phone #1 (which i will be charged for if i don’t send it back in time) or broken phone #2, until FRU #3 arrives in 5 days. Wow, Sweet, Glad i decided to re-up my contract for this piece.

i had really high hopes for this phone as it should have been every bit as good as the f700. unfortunately, VZW has to slap their own UI on every GD phone they put out which not only makes them all slower, but also annoys every power user that ever existed (don’t care if we’re only .01%). it’s enough to make me want to pull my hair out every time i try to pick up a new device. here’s to hoping i can get a decent working phone when the next FRU shows up broken – the crackberry curve is about the only decent set they have right now…

so, if anyone ever asks you to use a glyde, politely tell them no, and then punch them in the face for insulting you. seriously…

</end rant>


f700 on verizon will be the gphone [prediction]

now that word is spreading about the big G and VZW talking all friendly-like and also rumors of the samsung f700 coming to big red pre-holiday (seems unlikely at best), i’m going to take a wild leap and go ahead and predict that the f700 will launch as the much-rumored gphone on “the network.” i know wsj is saying the gphone won’t be out until mid-2008, but who are they to make unfounded predictions (that’s my department all of a sudden). i would be first in line to pick this one up if it had what looks to be a powerhouse of apps from one of my favorite email/rss reader/search/calendar companies along with that sweet, sweet, touchscreen. i’m no industry insider – heck – i’m so far outside the industry that i couldn’t get an exclusive if i was the only person using a cellphone, but i’m confident in my skills of deduction that this will come true.

so, take this with a beach full of grains of salt, but quote me as the first to announce it if it comes true – the f700 is the new gphone.

UPDATE: apparently, the phone is now called the sch-u940

Ban Halts Release of New 3G Phones Phone Scoop

Ban Halts Release of New 3G Phones Phone Scoop – this could be really huge for fans of CDMA carriers. as engadget says, it will probably be cleared up soon – but just think of the losses for the likes of Verizon/Sprint/Alltel if this sticks. No new 3G phones? I know that Verizon has quite a few really cool phones on the horizon over the summer and this could halt all of those launches – sending VZW right back to the “where are all the good phones?” days. TMobile and Cingular/AT&T might be able to capitalize largely on this one.

my new mobile

i just recently got a lg vx9400, which has turned out to be the coolest phone i’ve had thus far. as much as a fan of Nokia’s as i was becoming, this one is really a lot more fun. Nokia had the utilitarian role down – i could pretty much throw it across the room and know it would work. but this LG has proved to be pretty solid as well. dropped it on the concrete once and it still feels – and runs – as solid as day one. the call quality has been great and i’ve had a superior signal everywhere i go.

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lots going on, little writing

haven’t written much lately because i’ve been too stinkin’ busy. between the two greatest sporting weekends (nfl draft, kentucky derby) – in my opinion at least – a bunch of concerts and some new toys to play with, i am swamped. oh, and i saw a few concerts.

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nokia replacement parts

I don’t expect that I have many readers at this point, but maybe someone will come across this and be able to help. I have a Nokia 6256i for Verizon. It’s a great phone, strong (I drop it a lot so I should know), feature-rich – but has one major weakness. The hinge in the flip is crap. It’s been working up a nice crack for the last several months – which I’ve staved off with superglue thus far. I’m hoping someone can point me in the direction of rather inexpensive parts – preferably locally in Cincinnati to fix it. I can get the part online for about $40 – or buy a whole used phone for reasonably the same price, but if I had the ability to buy from Tessco, it would run me about $10 w/ shipping.

Nokia 6256i B CoverSo I was writing the above post and did one last google search to find the part on Tessco to provide a link. Lo-and-behold, I found it on eBay via a link next to a shopping bag at the top of the Google results. I normally ignore those, but was really glad I didn’t in this case. Another case of the little things making me happy.