segway tours of san diego are the way to go

do you like san diego? how about segways? if you answered yes to both questions, check this out: Segway Tours in San Diego – Adventure for everyone!

nick, dad, and i on segways in sd

i had the opportunity to take this tour with my family in early april and let me tell you, it was a blast. it can run up to around two hours, but the tour guide will customize it to your liking if you ask nicely.

you get the chance to see lots of downtown including a trip through petco if there’s not a game in progress, a scoot by the uss midway, gaslamp, and many other attractions. definitely a unique and fun way to see downtown.

none of us had ever been on a segway before (‘ceptin the guide, natch) but everyone caught on quickly and made it through the tour with little incident. no need to be afraid as it’s nearly impossible to tip the little guy over. even at a max speed of something like 12mph, you feel like you’re flying at a decent clip especially when compared to the slowpoke pedestrians on foot.

so, if you are going to san diego, call up Kenny at anothersideofsandiegotours to set up something nice for you.


2 responses to “segway tours of san diego are the way to go

  1. I recently hired a segway to go round the town of Celebration in Orlando Florida and it was great. I would love to own one.

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