xbox unlock the achievement [hooray for charity]

congrats to xbox uta, but shame on the sites that are just trying to just get click revenue. by burying their “achievements” without giving hints, they are merely trying to get click traffic to their deep link pages. even minor hints would be helpful, but a handful of sites are just trying to get new visitors to click through every possible link in their site to get an achievement. i think it’s a traveshamockery to dissolution advertisers with all these clicks when they could at least point users in close to the right direction.,,,,,, etc., i am specifically looking at you – i won’t give them the honor of linking to them because they don’t deserve a link after barely participating. this is for a charity and they should at least follow along with the others and either claim that they will post new achievements daily, or give a hint or two about where/when they will post their “achievements.”

and, don’t forget to check out xuta on twitter @ [cheers]

this is my friday rant. if you disagree, sorry, but i disagree with you. that is all.


2 responses to “xbox unlock the achievement [hooray for charity]

  1. Sorry for the hard sites, but that was part of the entire design of the contest. In my mind, while some people may be pissed that they couldn’t find all of them, the idea was for the achievements to be so hard, that people wouldn’t be able to find them all, since I wanted a true scavenger hunt. Sure we could have gave hints, and made it really easy, but I think it would have reduced the fun factor of the contest. This is the appeal of the Xbox 360 achievement system, which balances out when spread out against every title – some games are easy, and some are hard.

    When the contest is over tomorrow night, we will have a survey up, so we can collect all the information – what people liked, what they didn’t like, and how to improve.

  2. @DaKing240, i’m not complaining about the difficulty of the contest. i enjoyed it thoroughly and even enjoyed those achievements which required multiple steps to find.

    i’m more concerned about the lack of recognition by some sites that they were participating or whether they had posted some or all of their achievements.

    overall, i think it was a great contest but had to post my two cents.

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