vision quest [inspirational movie]

have you seen vision quest? i heard about it in high school from wrestling team members (yeah, i was one of those guys). i just caught it, for the first time, on mojoHD this week. wow, what an inspirational movie. had i seen this in high school, i may have been much more motivated to win, or get l@#d (this is a pg-13 vision quest, yoblog, yo), at least. if you haven’t seen it, i would recommend finding a copy however you normally get movies [netflix, blockbuster, news groups]. if you’re not a jock or never were, you may not appreciate it, but i could be wrong, it has a message somewhere in there. and it’s a good story.

anywho, long story short – see it before i have to remind you again, it’s well worth it. i think i could’ve been a state champ if i would have seen it. instead, i skipped qualifiers to get an academic scholarship. does that make me more of a geek? you might laugh, you might cry, but hell, you might get to see a boy kiss a girl if you’re lucky. enjoy!


One response to “vision quest [inspirational movie]

  1. yes it is an inspirational movie…….

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