my first ever woot bag of crap has arrived

bag of crapit’s been two dreadful weeks of waiting, but my bandoleer of carrots as it has been called, has arrived. in the last woot-off (2/15/2008) i was able to secure myself the highly coveted “3 bags of crap.” why would anyone buy crap? you may ask. i’ll tell you why, the thrill of the hunt, my friend. in case you haven’t heard of woot or bags of crap, please check out their site.

i lucked out and actually got 4 items along with my bag (5 total items), which it seems is less common. so, without further ado, check out my score:

  • 1 – reel butler
  • 1 – targus video camera bag
  • 1 – 5-minute men’s hair color kit (i’m not that old yet and therefore am not sure what will become of this one)
  • 1 – 3-cassette package consisting of the “emancipation” album by Prince, although it looks like he may have been going by the symbol at the time.
  • and an iRobot Scooba 5800. it’s a refurb and i only have about 10 square feet of hard floor surface in my apartment, but i’m not complaining about getting a $200 robot for $8. maybe i’ll find a way to re-program it or something, in keeping with my geeky ways.

wouldn’t you like to be in my shoes? they could even be muddy shoes because now i won’t have to clean the kitchen floor myself, heh.


3 responses to “my first ever woot bag of crap has arrived

  1. Color me jealous…I want a barrel of caviar.

  2. I hope someday that I too will be the honored recipient of a basin of cornstarch.

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