what i hate about forza2 [loading screen]

i’ve been playing halo 3 almost exclusively since i got it a couple weeks ago – i know, late to the game, but who can pass up $60 legendary? everyone needs a cat helmet, yo! so i decided to pop in forza2 tonight (purchased with the m$ employee discount, more on that later) because i noticed one of my gamer friends had more gamer points for it, and he just got his 360 today (lame! congrats on selling that special ps2 and thanks Rach for letting him join in our fun!). anywhoo, what the h e double toothpicks is up with the forza2 loading screens? i remember those from gt3 (gran turismo 3) on ps2 (playstation 2), but this is a 3G gaming system and they couldn’t figure out how not to make me wait 30 secs between restarting the level?!?! i mean, WTF?!?!?!?!11!!1!? i give this game a negative 1 rating until i actually learn how to virtual drive (not that i’m good at real driving) and until they put out a fix for the long-a** loading time.


3 responses to “what i hate about forza2 [loading screen]

  1. How about -23423 rating? OK, the game LOOKS really nice. It SOUNDS really nice. But the flippin loading screens are a bit ridiculous.

    By the way, I liked this game better when it was called Gran Turismo.

    As for having more gamer points…yeah, I have 5 gamer points. You now have 10. Way to go. Punk.

  2. I forgot to mention why I only have 5 gamer points for this game.

    Because I was already bored with it.

  3. yeah, glad i didn’t pay full price. hopefully i can get some credit towards a good game like guitar hero.

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