f700 on verizon will be the gphone [prediction]

now that word is spreading about the big G and VZW talking all friendly-like and also rumors of the samsung f700 coming to big red pre-holiday (seems unlikely at best), i’m going to take a wild leap and go ahead and predict that the f700 will launch as the much-rumored gphone on “the network.” i know wsj is saying the gphone won’t be out until mid-2008, but who are they to make unfounded predictions (that’s my department all of a sudden). i would be first in line to pick this one up if it had what looks to be a powerhouse of apps from one of my favorite email/rss reader/search/calendar companies along with that sweet, sweet, touchscreen. i’m no industry insider – heck – i’m so far outside the industry that i couldn’t get an exclusive if i was the only person using a cellphone, but i’m confident in my skills of deduction that this will come true.

so, take this with a beach full of grains of salt, but quote me as the first to announce it if it comes true – the f700 is the new gphone.

UPDATE: apparently, the phone is now called the sch-u940


2 responses to “f700 on verizon will be the gphone [prediction]

  1. Steven 1, everyone else 0.

  2. You heard it here first, folks.

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