a fresh little review

my coworkers and i took a trip to Fresh for lunch last week. i’d heard about it several times and read reviews before, walked by it several times, but never stopped in to eat before. first, i will say that they have a lot more offerings than i anticipated. they have hot and cold sandwiches, salads and soups. your meal comes with choice of chips, pretzels, or an apple – which is a bit like panera (another restaurant which would do well downtown).

after weighing all the delicious sounding sandwiches and such, i opted for the southwest chicken cheddar melt with tomatoes, peppers and mayo. it was a really good sandwich, not too big, not too small – probably the size of sandwich you should actually have for lunch. i was quite happy with the sandwich and i think you would be too.

i definitely plan to go back to try one of the half soup/half salad/half sandwich choices as their salads sound really tasty. i think the tandoori chicken sandwich will be in my near future as well. i recommend you check it out if you work/live/play downtown and want something to eat which you can feel good about.


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