upgrade: i like the new ebay homepage

i haven’t read much about this, but maybe the bloggers i read aren’t checking out ebay as much as i am. they just launched a new homepage (or i just got it), but i like it quite a bit more than the previous version. first and foremost, they give me a login link smack dab in the middle of the page. perfect, i’m always going straight to my ebay anyway and now can get there quicker.

second, once i sign in, i can see items which i’m watching, and it indicates how many are ending today. i also get a view of what i’ve looked at recently. very nice – amazon-like. maybe i really need to get back to that vintage storm shadow figure i was just looking at. it also displays what you’re selling and notifications on separate tabs, very nice and super convenient.

also, i’m really happy that they added a list of their “family members.” i’ve read about all of their acquisitions at some point, but really don’t remember those types of things off the top of my head. i think it’s a really good move on their part to add this listing to make others who don’t read about every web company acquisition aware. ebay is pretty highly trusted, i think, and this can only shed a positive light on the other companies.

i’m sure there are other great features – and i did notice that they cleaned things up a bit, used a larger font and just made the overall experience a little more web two-point-oh like. there’s plenty on the homepage which i’m sure i will almost always ignore, but i be those things work well for some folks as well. i give it a thumbs up and hope they continue to make upgrades like this.


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