another case of the little things making me happy

so, i got an oil change on sunday. my car is new enough that i could be going to the dealership for this type of thing, but i don’t think of it when they’re open. i decided to call up my friends at firestone – needless to say, it took 4 calls to find one who could fit me in on a sunday afternoon. anywho, that was sunday – today is friday and i recieved a nice “thank you” card from the shop. it was obviously a form letter and probably didn’t cost them much time or money, but they did take the time to include my name, car model, and the “recommended maintenance” they had suggested – along with a coupon for a free check on that recommendation. this is a little above and beyond in my opinion and i want to congratulate the eastgate firestone for this nice touch. i wish more business were run with this kind of care – and, by the way, this was the first time i had ever gone to this shop. even though i was already pretty loyal to firestone, this will just help to cement the feeling.

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