go ahead and swear, the fcc won’t complain

i just came across this interesting tidbit on the pc world blog: It’s OK to Say Sh@#$!# on TV. apparently, the fcc no longer thinks it’s such a bad thing to say some of those 7 dirty words on tv, in prime time – so long as the mention is “fleeting.” while i understand that many of these words have become as much a part of daily conversation as hello and turtle, it still seems a bit odd that this is now okay. we have always been able to at least pretend that tv shows were displaying the morality in language we wish we still had.

i’m no prude and don’t think it’s such a big deal to allow these words on HBO or late night television, but on primetime is a whole different kettle of fish. what’s next? will they start showing sex in primet….oh wait, i guess we already have that. well then, surely we can’t expect extreme violen….i guess we have that already as well. well d#@$, i suppose it’s about time the language caught up with the crude actions of primetime television. maybe now the world won’t come to an end the next time some washed up pop singer (accidentally) flashes her breast on live tv during the super bowl halftime show. i know that language and images are different and i’m sure that a bare breast is still grounds for locking down the country like some real tragedy had occurred.

so, i guess we should all just say, what the eff, and go on our way expecting to hear, oh f#%@ on heroes when sylar comes back to kill everyone next season. oh, you missed the finale and i just ruined it for you? sorry, s@#t happens.


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