fueled by ramen puts on a good concert

technically it was not actually staged by fueled by ramen, but most of the acts reside or have something to do with them. it was a typical monday night in cincinnati. we headed down to riverbend to see some amazing music of the live variety. the line-up was quite impressive: cobra starship, paul wall, the academy is, plus 44, and fall out boy.

the reverse headliner (their words, not mine) rocked out pretty hard – once the sound guys turned on the stage mics. i had only heard a few cobra starship songs before, but i liked them quite a bit. then came paul wall. why he was there, i have no idea – and neither did anyone else i talked to. honestly, the beats to most of his songs sounded the same to me. it’s not to say it wasn’t a good show – but not quite my style – and it definitely didn’t fit with the rest of the bands. but, at least we got to show off our “grillz” and he did ask us to throw up every combination of fingers during the course of his set.

up third was the academy is… they sounded good, although i was hoping for a bit better. everyone else thought they sounded good, so maybe i am just crazy. it’s a bad venue for good sound unless you are a really loud band. but i like tai, and i will keep liking them. plus 44 played fourth. another band i had not listened to before – but their set seemed to just keep getting better as it went along. their songs seemed to get harder and harder with each song – and the blink 182 cover was a nice touch (there are after all two members from blink). and finally, there was fall out boy – the headliner. they played everyone’s favorites and a few songs off their new album – and they all sounded great. they were loud and sounded as good as i’ve ever seen them.

overall, a great show and a great time overall. now it’s time to wait out the week until lucky boys confusion on saturday.


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