apple and rumors and memos, oh my

i’m sure everyone has read about the “internal apple memo” which turned out to be a hoax. there have been retractions and apologies and even sympathy shown. but really, how does a stock lose $4 billion (yes, that’s with a ‘B’) in market cap in just six minutes? methinks something is amiss here, and i doubt that i’m alone in thinking this. i’m no stock expert and don’t plan to become one, but this is just a crazy story that probably doesn’t really deserve all the press it will get. things happen, people jump the gun, others jump to conclusions. i’m just glad that i’m not a journo trying to figure out what is legit and what is not.

so what will happen next? my guess is nothing. apple’s stock will go right back to where it was, probably even higher. as they say – any publicity is good publicity – and this was definitely publicity. so, the three people left in the world who hadn’t heard of the iphone now have and everyone else has gotten their iphone news fix for the week. i guess everyone wins – especially anyone who bought up a bunch of aapl when it was momentarily down.


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