my new mobile

i just recently got a lg vx9400, which has turned out to be the coolest phone i’ve had thus far. as much as a fan of Nokia’s as i was becoming, this one is really a lot more fun. Nokia had the utilitarian role down – i could pretty much throw it across the room and know it would work. but this LG has proved to be pretty solid as well. dropped it on the concrete once and it still feels – and runs – as solid as day one. the call quality has been great and i’ve had a superior signal everywhere i go.

my office has historically had bad reception – older phones would drop into analog – but this will keep an ev-do signal with several bars even there. it’s also great that the “soft keys” can be user set – and to pretty much anything you would choose. the swivel – as opposed to slide or flip – is very solid and works well. i also like the fact that i can get to my contact list and messaging without opening the phone – very niiiice. overall, i have no major complaints and would recommend this to anyone in the market for a new verizon phone. i haven’t had a chance to check out the vcast-tv service as there hasn’t been coverage anywhere i’ve been lately. i hope to check it out soon and i’ve heard it’s quite nice.


  • very cool form factor
  • short-wide keys, very easy for me to text
  • good camera – i don’t really expect perfection out of a cellie-cam, so this one works just fine
  • really nice, clear screen
  • rubberized back for easy gripping
  • loud ringtones
  • 2 gb (at least) microSD support – haven’t tried anything bigger yet


  • when the battery is low, it flashes every 20-30 seconds to let me know. that’s just poor design. it wastes more battery by flashing the screen.
  • battery life, as compared to my last nokia, is a bit disappointing
  • can’t set group ringtones – that i know of – only individual

but, as cool as this phone is, i’m always looking forward to the next best thing and the vx8550 looks promising – especially if it’s the shine slider that people are rumoring.


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