lots going on, little writing

haven’t written much lately because i’ve been too stinkin’ busy. between the two greatest sporting weekends (nfl draft, kentucky derby) – in my opinion at least – a bunch of concerts and some new toys to play with, i am swamped. oh, and i saw a few concerts.

draft weekend included seeing concert 1) plain white t’s, boys night out, lovedrug, dear and the headlights; concert 2) foundation (cover band from columbus, oh); concert 3) say anything, saves the day, and whoever else was there. and then there was the draft which is always one of my favorite weekends with the boys – especially when my brownies had such a nice draft. can’t complain about any of the picks, even if we gave up our 1st rounder next year. who doesn’t want a top tier left tackle and what could be a pretty good quarterback.

and what can beat the kentucky derby – decadence, depravity, mint juleps, laying down a bet or two – it’s a blast and is really just has to be seen to be believed. if you get the chance, go sometime.

i’ve also been playing with joost a little. it’s a pretty slick application and if you want an invite to check it out, leave a comment here. don’t know how many i get, so they’re on a first-come-first-served basis. so far i’ve mostly been watching the music channels – fueled by ramen and havoc – but can’t wait to check out the comedy central and adult swim channels when i have some time.

and…i’ve got a new phone. the lg vx9400 vcast tv phone for verizon. it’s got an awesome form factor and has some very cool features. still learning how to use it, but will definitely do a full review soon. i get no tv service here, but the phone is still stellar.


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