maybe i am slow – april 19 2007 edition

I might be slow – or maybe I’ve known all along…

  • – very cool, flash-based, geneology tool on the web. easy to add family members, invite them through the site (through their email address).
  • Cool Tools – Kevin Kelly showcases some very neat and very useful gadgets. ranges from software, to gadgets, to soft goods.
  • BoingBoing – i think these people might be geniuses. they cover daily news, inventions, trends, and many other things you should know. subscribe to them if you like the rss.
  • Howard Forums – if you like your cell phone and want to know what else it can do. or if you want to find out which phone your carrier is feeding you a line of crap about, go here. a great community with tons of knowledge – and only slightly elitist, so look before you leap – er, read before you post.

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