nokia replacement parts

I don’t expect that I have many readers at this point, but maybe someone will come across this and be able to help. I have a Nokia 6256i for Verizon. It’s a great phone, strong (I drop it a lot so I should know), feature-rich – but has one major weakness. The hinge in the flip is crap. It’s been working up a nice crack for the last several months – which I’ve staved off with superglue thus far. I’m hoping someone can point me in the direction of rather inexpensive parts – preferably locally in Cincinnati to fix it. I can get the part online for about $40 – or buy a whole used phone for reasonably the same price, but if I had the ability to buy from Tessco, it would run me about $10 w/ shipping.

Nokia 6256i B CoverSo I was writing the above post and did one last google search to find the part on Tessco to provide a link. Lo-and-behold, I found it on eBay via a link next to a shopping bag at the top of the Google results. I normally ignore those, but was really glad I didn’t in this case. Another case of the little things making me happy.


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