this past weekend…

…i saw 300. it was awesome. if you like battle scenes, you will like this movie. i was hoping for something decent going into it, and i have to say it was extremely worth the cost of the ticket. i haven’t seen a better movie in a while and recommend it to everyone, and their friends, and enemies. just go see it. i give you my money-back guarantee*. if you need more reason to see 300, check out the movie blog, they also enjoyed it.
* i will not actually give you any money back, whether you like it or not.

also, Hawthorne Heights played a very small, underpromoted, somewhat impromptu show at the attic in kettering. they played mostly new songs, which they said they were playing in public for the first time. all of the new songs sounded great and the show was pretty spectacular overall. everyone should buy their new album the day it comes out, which may not happen until they get resigned. who knows. there were something like 5 opening bands, who were all pretty decent and the highlight of those bands was the chasing game. they sounded great as well, and the lead singer was quite the looker. i think i enjoyed their music, i’m sure i enjoyed looking at the singer(Graci).


One response to “this past weekend…

  1. Steven,
    Justin, the guitar player for The Chasing Game works with me. 🙂 I feel like I know somebody that knows somebody.

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