education for the next decade

The company I work for, KnowledgeWorks Foundation, recently (ok, almost a month ago) launched the interactive website for the 2006-2016 Map of Future Forces Affecting Education. The map was developed in conjunction with Institute for the Future and examines the trends and impacts which are likely to affect education over the next decade. The content is very cool, but the technology behind the site is what really excites me.

The site utilizes ASP.NET, using C#, and SQL Server 2000 to serve as the foundation of the site. The front-end relies on a Flash movie and Flash Remoting to serve up everything in a very interactive way – think Google/Yahoo! maps. I am still amazed that we (with Barefoot‘s help) were able to bring what started as a piece of paper to such a cool, usable, experience.

There’s a lot more to the back-end and if I understood Flash Remoting, I might get into it, but suffice it to say, this was very cool to watch from behind the scenes and I hope this can really help influence the future of education in our country – for the better.


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