are you shure you can hear me?

I’ve been enjoying my new Shure E2C earphones today. Sound-isolating, check. Goofy-looking, check. Awesome – check (although, I’ve only used them a couple of hours so far, to be honest). I got a set of Grado SR-80s a few years ago from my brother, but they don’t travel very well, so I wanted something more compact. I’ve heard nothing but good things from people who do audio work professionally about Shure’s, so I hope they stand up to the test of time.

They came with a neat donut looking case that holds the earphones very nicely and also allows me to hang the cord out the side to leave my shuffle attached. There’s also a plethora of earbud attachments to create a snug fit, but I’m lazy and have just been using the ones that came installed.


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